Brand new. Completely different.
Absolutely unique.
Why brand new?
ShakeFriends brings you directly and immediately together with people who suit you best. On vacation, at parties, in clubs, at concerts, events.In short: in real life! Because only this counts.
Why absolutely unique?
Optimal data protection
ShakeFriends offers you optimal data protection. Because only the year of birth and gender are recorded and no further personal data. An assignment to your person is technically excluded. Other information is only saved on your smartphone. And data exchanged between users is always deleted after the end of direct communication.
Why completely different?
No subscription, no registration
ShakeFriends does not automatically renew itself. You can always choose freely. ShakeFriends does not require you to register. Because ShakeFriends has no database that should be filled with your information.
that's me and
you suit me
ShakeFriends has found an incredibly simple, yet incredibly meaningful way to bring people together that match each other in character. You answer twelve simple questions intuitively using the slider. And a few seconds later you will receive your LiveMatching profile for evaluation. Everyone who uses ShakeFriends creates such a profile; it is the basis to find out who fits together.
Ready for a LiveMeeting?
"Click", your request is already out. No long chatting with a lot of blah, create facts straight away. If you want, you can meet at a chosen ShakeFriends Point. Everything else happens directly from person to person. That's real communication, that's the only way to find real friends.
ShakeFriends Points
A ShakeFriends Point is always a busy place where there are many people. For example a pub, a café, a public space. ShakeFriends already offers you over two million such meeting points. And there are more every day! If you would like to have more information about becoming a ShakeFriends partner in the future, just send us an email.
Try it!
Scan this code with your smartphone or click on it and you will be taken to ShakeFriends. No typing, no installation. You can get started right away and create your LiveMatching profile.
"Try it out" costs nothing at all. The price for full use for one month is only 5 euros, for three months even only 10 euros.
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SHAKE FRIENDS AG (hereinafter referred to as SFAG) offers the Progressive Web App ShakeFriends via the domain and various websites of cooperation partners in which the respective service is integrated. The sole operator of ShakeFriends, regardless of the distribution channel, is always SFAG.

Article 1. Scope of services, essential features

ShakeFriends offers the opportunity to get to know and meet people with the right character with the help of smartphone software. Profiles and personal information are always set by the users themselves and permanently saved only on the user's smartphone.

Everyone who is interested has the opportunity to create a LiveMatching profile for free and to match with other people. Contacting other users is chargeable and only allowed after reaching the age of majority. The current prices are displayed in the app when the user wants to get in touch with others. The prices shown are always valid for the period requested by the user. Proof of age is guaranteed by the payment system.

Data exchanged between users is only stored anonymously on a SFAG server for the time of direct communication and is always deleted after the end of direct communication between users. (see also Art. 5 data protection)

For security, SFAG sends the anonymized payment information to the user. This function is used to restore a user's payment status if the license is lost or accidentally deleted.

SFAG is entitled to request proof of age from the user if there are legitimate doubts.

All current information is available in the ShakeFriends app and on the website

Article 2. Terms, terms of payment

ShakeFriends does not renew itself automatically. At the end / expiry of the term, a new purchase must be made again.

Payment of the fee must be made to SFAG in advance for the selected period without any deduction via the payment system.

The buyer has payment options via credit cards or. available via common online payment methods. The general terms and conditions, data protection guidelines and terms of use of the respective system provider apply to the payment function.

Article 3. Conclusion of contract, start of contract, contractual partner

The contract between SFAG and the user for a fee-based use of ShakeFriends comes into effect with the activation of the fee-based usage area. SFAG grants full access to this area after receipt of payment.

The general use of ShakeFriends is only possible by accepting these terms and conditions. These are also valid if ShakeFriends is used outside of Switzerland.

With the activation of the fee-based usage area of ​​ShakeFriends by SFAG, the term of the fee-based user begins.

Article 4. Termination

A termination on the part of the user is not necessary since ShakeFriends does not save any data.

SFAG reserves the right to terminate the use of ShakeFriends without notice if the user intentionally makes false statements or if he repeatedly violates the terms and conditions despite a warning.

SFAG particularly reserves the right to exclude the user from the service if content or photos are disseminated with the purchase or use of ShakeFriends that violate the

Violate customs or legal provisions of the respective country.

Article 5. Data protection

ShakeFriends records the year of birth and gender to calculate the LiveMatching profiles for matching with other users. No other personal data is collected. Assigning the data to specific people is therefore technically excluded.

SFAG does not collect any address data, such as E-mail address, social network information, postal addresses, telephone numbers, etc. It is not automatically possible to pass on or use data that has not been recorded.

To contact other users, only temporary user data (nickname, age, gender, photo and geodata) are stored on the SFAG server and transmitted to another user. This data will not be saved on the other user's smartphone and will be deleted from the SFAG server after the contact has ended. (see also Article 1)

Since SFAG does not collect and store specific user information, no data can be passed on or used for any purpose whatsoever. This eliminates the need for user consent.

The SFAG data protection regulations also apply. These can be found on the website

Article 6. Obligations of the user

The user is solely responsible for the content of his profile and the information he provides about himself. The user assures that the given data is true and describes him personally.

The user undertakes not to disclose the data of third parties as his own. In particular, he undertakes not to provide third-party credit card details.

The user undertakes to comply with the applicable laws when using ShakeFriends.

The ShakeFriends user undertakes not to disclose any information to third parties without the consent of the author.

Furthermore, every user undertakes not to abuse ShakeFriends, in particular:

not to spread defamatory, offensive or otherwise illegal material or information about such material through the service;

not to use the Service to threaten, harass or violate the rights (including personal rights) of others of others;

do not upload any data that contain viruses (infected software) or generally upload any software or other material that is protected by copyright unless the user has the rights to it or the necessary consent;

not to use the service in a way that adversely affects the availability of the offers for other users;

not to advertise other, non-commercial contact portals;

refrain from submitting any form of advertising to other ShakeFriends users for commercial offers and not sending messages that serve a commercial purpose. This refers in particular to the setting or naming of corresponding links for other ShakeFriends users;

generally not to use ShakeFriends commercially or commercially;

Failure to comply with any of the above-mentioned behavioral obligations can lead to immediate termination of the user base as well as civil and criminal consequences for the user himself.

Article 7. Copyright

The user assures that the contents, images, videos and their use created and set by him when using ShakeFriends do not violate any copyrights, other rights of third parties or any other right, and he within the scope of the service
ShakeFriends does not post photos or other works without being authorized to do so in accordance with the relevant copyright regulations.

The user grants SFAG all non-exclusive, spatially unrestricted rights to use for the purposes of operating ShakeFriends in the content he has created and posted during his user life - including pictures, texts and videos. The right to use the content ends when the user ends.

Article 8. Changes to the general terms and conditions, prices or services

SFAG is entitled to change these terms and conditions insofar as this does not affect essential provisions of the contractual relationship, the change is necessary to adapt to developments that were not foreseeable at the time the contract was concluded and which, if not taken into account, would noticeably disrupt the balance of the contractual relationship. “Essential regulations” in this sense are in particular those regarding the type and scope of the contractually agreed subject matter and the duration.

SFAG is entitled to change ShakeFriends at any time: e.g. Prices, adjustments to technical developments, legal provisions or judicial decisions; Malfunction fixes; Addition of new functions; Adjustments of layout and usability aspects; etc.

Article 9. Disclaimer of liability by the operator SFAG

SFAG cannot be held responsible for incorrect information in user profiles, as the information provided by users cannot be checked.

SFAG assumes no liability for any misuse of information by the user or third parties if the user has made the information accessible himself.

Furthermore, SFAG is not liable for failures of ShakeFriends for which it is not responsible, for example due to force majeure or technical faults on the Internet.

ShakeFriends is a progressive web app and runs in the technically protected area of ​​an internet browser on the user's smartphone. SFAG excludes liability for any damage that may arise from using ShakeFriends on the device.

The algorithms for finding suitable LiveMatching profiles are based on user input. As a result, SFAG cannot guarantee success for actual agreement with real people.

The precision of the geodata depends on the settings of the user and the technical circumstances of the end user device. Precise merging can only take place in the ratio of the geodata provided. SFAG cannot guarantee that the geodata will always be available with sufficient precision.

SFAG accepts no liability for incorrect payment transactions.

SFAG excludes all liability for physical, financial, material or psychological damage that could be caused by using ShakeFriends. The same applies to indirect damage or consequential damage.

Article 10. Final provisions

No side agreements were made. In the event of ineffectiveness or partial ineffectiveness of one of the provisions of these terms and conditions, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions remains unaffected.

The operator is neither obliged nor willing to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board. As is customary when purchasing software, revocation is not possible.

The place of jurisdiction is the competent court in Switzerland at the headquarters of SHAKE FRIENDS AG.

As of April 2020, SHAKE FRIENDS AG, Schindellegistrasse 73, 8803 Pfäffikon, Switzerland - CHE-166.458.287
ShakeFriends only uses self-developed, autonomous processes that do not automatically pass information on to third parties. This means that we do not use technologies or connections with or to Google, facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or any other so-called social media providers. We also do not use any software or information from tracking or geodata providers. In order to bring ShakeFriends users together, we always use the geodata of your smartphone. These are not automatically connected to third-party processes, such as Google Maps, Open Street Map.

We are generally not interested in collecting data. For this reason, ShakeFriends only records the information that is necessary to calculate the LiveMatching Profile and match with other users, namely the year of birth and gender. This information is only stored on your smartphone. No other personal data is collected. An assignment to certain people is therefore technically impossible.

To contact other users, nickname, age, gender, photo and geodata are briefly stored on the SFAG server and transmitted to the user with whom you want to contact. This data will be deleted from the SFAG server once contact has been made. And also not saved on the smartphone of the contacted user.

server data

For technical reasons, it is imperative that data that your Internet browser transmits to us or to our web host is automatically recorded (so-called server log files):
- browser type and version
- Operating system used
- the website from which you are visiting us (referrer URL)
- the website you are currently visiting
- Date and time of your access
- your IP address.

You can find information about our web host in their privacy policy:
CYON data protection

Payment systems

The ShakeFriends app uses payment systems such as Payrexx, PayPal, etc. If a payment is made, your payment data will be transmitted to the respective system provider. This transfer is necessary to process your transaction, to confirm your identity and to administer your payment. The terms and conditions, data protection guidelines and terms of use of the respective provider always apply to the payment function. Please note: Personal data can be passed on by a payment system provider to service providers, subcontractors or other companies associated with the provider, insofar as this is necessary to fulfill the contractual obligations from your transaction or the personal data are to be processed in the order. SFAG has no influence on this.

For administrative purposes (e.g. taxes), SFAG uses anonymously only the following information provided by the payment system:
- Payment amount
- confirmation of payment
- Item number
- Country information

SSL encryption

For security reasons and to protect the transmission, this website always uses SSL encryption. You can generally recognize an encrypted connection by the fact that the address line of the browser changes from "http: //" to "https: //" and by the lock symbol in your browser line.

Information, deletion, blocking

Of course, you always have the right to free information about your data. As well as deletion and blocking. However, since we do not store any personal data at all, this right is theoretical in the case of ShakeFriends.